Tape In Hair Extensions | Highest Quality Hair - Same Day Fitting (2024)

Who Are Tape In Hair Extensions For?

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Tape In Hair Extensions are designed as a semi-permanent option to add length and volume to your hair with a speedy application. They are a great choice for clients who:

  • Would prefer a method that lies flat against the scalp for maximum comfort
  • Don’t want to spend long periods of time having their extensions fitted
  • Need a method which lasts and is reusable
  • Enjoy wearing their hair in different styles without attachment points being visible

What Are Tape In Hair Extensions?

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Tape in hair extensions have quickly become one of the most popular methods used to extend hair, and for good reason. They can give you instant length and volume whilst adding colour to your natural hair; without causing any damage when applied correctly by a skilled hair extension technician.

Tape in extensions are designed to be semi permanent, meaning the hair has to be re-fitted every 6-8 weeks. With this application method, the hair you purchase is reusable. The quality of hair you choose, how often you wash your hair, and how you care for your hair will all determine how many times your new tape in extensions can be re-fitted.

Check out our tape extensions care guide here.

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How We Fit Tape In Hair Extensions:

Tape in hair extensions are applied in pairs. There are two parts to the product, a top part and a bottom, the natural hair is cleanly sectioned, and the bottom piece of the tape is fixed to the hair sitting flush to the scalp, underneath the section of natural hair. Then the top part of the extension is placed and aligned with the bottom part, “sandwiching” the natural hair between the two taped sections. The tapes adhere to your natural hair using a waterproof medical-grade adhesive that stays in place until you come to the salon for maintenance or removal.

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Maintaining Your Tape Extensions

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Around 6-8 weeks after your new tape-in extensions have been fitted, you will need to book a maintenance appointment. As your hair naturally grows, the tapes will move further away from the scalp and eventually become visible; during your appointment, the extensions will be removed and then re-applied closer to the scalp.

The maintenance time frame will depend on the type of hair used and the size of the tapes. Louise and her team use 4cm wide tapes, which have a unique adhesive that allows them to be removed without leaving any residue, making them much quicker to remove and re-apply whilst still retaining strength.

4cm wide tapes allow for a longer period of wear without them becoming visible. 3cm wide tapes tend to twist in the hair and show after around 4 weeks since they have a smaller contact point. For this reason, we only use 4cm tapes, so our clients can get 6-8 weeks of wear before they begin to show through the natural hair and need to be refitted.

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What Will Happen During My Consultation?

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Louise or one of her team will discuss with you what you want to achieve from your extensions. The team will then assess your hair length, scalp and hair health, checking for any hair damage or other contra-indications; if all is well and you are suitable for hair extensions, the consultation will continue.

Your hair extension technician will show you the different hair types available, and the cost will be explained; each hair type has a different price point depending on your choice of hair quality and length. We will then discuss if you would like your hair coloured by our in-salon hair colour specialists.

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Why Louise Recommends Tape In Extensions

Finally, although Louise has over two decades of experience fitting bonded hair extensions, she would like to share some points on why tape hair extensions are her preferred application technique over all other hair extension methods:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can tape hair extensions damage your natural hair?

We all know that tape in hair extensions can give you the long, luscious and thick hair you have always dreamed of, but the question is, do they damage your natural hair?

Whether tape in hair extensions will cause damage depends on who is applying them and what product is used, Louise has been in the hair extension industry for over two decades. When applied by an experienced hair extensionist, high-quality tape hair extensions cause zero damage to the natural hair.

Louise began primarily using tape hair extensions in 2015 and slowly managed to change almost all of her existing clients over to the tape method from the once preferred keratin-bonded method. Within six months, it was clear to see an unprecedented change in all of her client’s natural hair. Their hair started to grow thicker and more robust as compared to keratin extensions.

Tape in extensions are one of the least damaging types of hair extension methods. This is because when a high quality tape hair extension product is used, it leaves no sticky residue on the hair, and removal is gentle on the natural hair. It doesn’t pull or tug at the roots or damage the hair structure. Tape in extensions also have a bigger attachment area which places less stress on your natural hair.

Of course, as with anything, there are always exceptions which you will read online; but these exceptions are usually when a low-quality tape in extension product is used and applied by someone without the proper training or experience.

How should I care for my tape in extensions?

Caring for your tape extensions shouldn’t take much extra time compared to your regular hair care routine.

For an in-depth tape in hair extension care guide, click here.

Can I wear my hair extensions in different hairstyles?

Yes! Hair extensions should never limit you from experimenting with new hairstyles. With Louise’s unique placement method, you can quickly switch from a low or high ponytail with zero visibility of the extension’s attachment points.

How much do tape in hair extensions cost?

Unfortunately, we do not offer cheap hair extensions; this is due to the quality of hair and the product specification type Louise and her team need to use in order to uphold her standards of work and the particular application she is adamant about providing to all of her clients. We offer three grades of hair for you to choose from:

Mongolian (mid-range): Mongolian hair is prized for its softness, strength, and durability. Mongolian hair is thicker compared to European hair and is most commonly available in black or dark brown, so it isn’t suitable for lighter hair colours such as blondes.

Indian (mid-range) – Indian hair is one of the most popular types of hair extensions on the market, it is known for its natural thickness and soft glow. If you have very fine or thin hair, Indian hair extensions may not be the best option for you.

European (high-end) – If you’re looking for the highest quality hair, look no further than our collection of European hair extensions. Our 100% human Remy hair extensions are soft, silky, and beautiful; plus, they naturally come in a variety of colours and styles to match your natural hair.

Wavy and straight hair extensions are also available in all 3 types, cost will depend on how long and thick you would like your extensions to be compared to your natural hair. Please bear in mind the shorter and thinner your natural hair is to start, the more expensive it will be to increase the length / volume.

The beauty of tape hair extensions is that you can choose how many pairs you would like applied when thickening your natural hair, enabling you to easily customise your budget and how you want your new hair to look.

Click Here To See Our Tape Extensions Price Guide

How long does it take to apply tape in hair extensions?

Louise and her team are highly experienced at applying tape in extensions. The tape in method takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour to apply a full head of extensions. This includes preparation, cutting and styling times. For an exact time quote, book a free hair extension consultation.

Can I wear my extensions whilst on holiday?

Yes, the tape in method is suitable for holidays which are less than 8 weeks long. As long as you are caring for your hair properly and using the correct hair care products; tape in extensions are a perfect choice for holiday hair.

*make sure to rinse your hair with tap water after swimming in sea or pool water, as both salt and chlorine can damage hair extensions when exposed for long periods of time*

Will people know I have hair extensions fitted?

Louise’s unique application method is designed to blend the extensions with your natural hair perfectly across different hairstyles, making them very hard to notice. People won’t be able to see them unless they physically lift your natural hair to expose the tape attachment points.

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