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"Sorry to break it down to you dude but these? These aren't human parts. They're drone parts. Never thought I'd see worker drone and disassembly drone parts in a pile together not gonna lie. Where did you even get these?” Luz asked Matthomule who had his cheeks flush in embarrassment

“And how can you prove it?! You aren't even a human!” Matt exclaimed before Luz pulled out a disassembly drone arm which looked like it was one of N’s and put it next to hers

“I'm quite literally a drone myself. Now, can you tell me where you got these? Kind of concerning since I'm pretty sure I saw one of my severed legs in there.” Luz said

“I-I…found these in the Coven precinct. Apparently they were consficated from a wild witch named the Abominable Whisperer after his petrification. They don't know what they were so they gave them to me…” Matt admitted before Gus patter him in the back

“Dude, that was not cool. Rule B-192 : We only bring in authentic and verified human artifacts in here.” Gus said, making Matt shrink into himself from the stern glare Gus gave him which quickly turned into a friendly smile

“But we'll forgive you for it! This club is for human enthusiasts after all!” Gus exclaimed with a friendly tone before turning to Luz

“And since this meeting is about the human creation known as drones, can you explain to us more about you Luz?” Gus asked which Luz replied with an excited smile

“Sure! Okay, sit down everyone. This is going to be a very long story.” Luz said as all members of the HAS sat down in front of her before she used one of her 4 eyes to project a presentation onto the screen

“We are Disassembly Drones. Autonomous machines created by our parent company, JCJenson in spaaaace.”


Meanwhile, on Copper-9 :


“Looks like their part of the plan is going well. Purple, can you go ahead and take out the drones in the South Wing? If this warehouse was up to code, then the communication relays are behind three blast doors that muffle out any sound and take up to 6 minutes to open up. I'm not sure where it is unfortunately but if we split up, we should be able to find it and destroy it really easily.” J explained right as Uzi reloaded her Super RailCannon.

“Got it.” Uzi said before deploying her wings and got ready to fly straight into action before J placed a hand on her shoulders

“Uzi. Stay safe.” J said before Uzi gave her a 2 finger salute and flew off, the map of the warehouse already downloaded into her systems. Eventually, she landed on top of some crates before seeing a gigantic barn door that pales in comparison to the ones back at Outpost 3

‘Even if he is a coward, Khan knows how to make good doors. Unlike these idiots.’ Uzi thought to herself before the door suddenly opened to a bunch of Bandit Drones who were shocked at the unknown intruder in the heart of their base

“Shoot her but keep her alive! She might be useful in finding a way into that stupid outpost with the blast doors!” One of them commanded before 2 out of 10 of them nodded and pulled out a strange looking weapon that kind of resembled a-

“-Minigun?! Why are there miniguns on Copper-9?!” Uzi exclaimed before taking cover behind a metal crate, avoiding the barrage of nails that was sent to her, making her finally realize what they were actually using

“They’re using nailguns? Okay. That should be easier to handle-Robo-God f*cking damnit.” Uze said after seeing a magnet launch from the drones, attracting the nails which spun around the magnet rapidly.

“Ugh, bite me!” Uzi said before pulling out her Super RailCannon, jumping in front of her cover and grappling one of the drones which had the Nailgun, making him drop the Nailgun before getting incinerated by Uzi's Super RailCannon along with another drone behind him, leaving only 8 alive.

She then ejected the cores before punching them towards the other drones holding a Nailgun and instantly killing her, leaving 7 alive.

The remaining 7 then pulled out crude pipe weaponry before letting out a volley of bullets towards her, forcing her to become more defensive

“Wherever J is, I hope she's having it worse.” Uzi said out loud before the volley suddenly stopped

Meanwhile, with J and C :

“So we just have to wait 6 minutes now. Anything you wanna do Circe?” J asked C who was siphoning oil from one of the 3 dead drones in the room. Surprisingly, for the place which houses their communication relays, there were only ever three drones there.

“Umm…You wanna try Hexes Holdem? R gave me 2 decks to eat but I don't run on magic anymore…” C said before J say down on a nearby table

“Eh, sure. It's not like Purple is in mortal ranger or anything.”


‘I'm gonna f*cking die!’ Uzi thought while fighting off 41 Bandit drones including the ones who she was fighting with before. Her left hand had already regenerated and she looked around for anything to help her win. That was when she saw the light switches

‘Bingo.’ Uzi thought before using the Absolute Solver to cause a short circuit, immediately turning off all lights.

“Hah! How do you like that now?!” Uzi asked with glee after she turned down the brightness of her optics. Weirdly enough though, she could spot a few of them putting on thermal vision goggles which made her panic slightly before she remembered that Worker Drones are pretty cold

‘I’m not a disassembly drone so I should be fi-’ Uzi’s thoughts were immediately halted by a bolt action sniper rifle ringing out through the entire facility and obliterated her entire left arm, making her scream in pain before she saw a notice that she did not realize was there

‘Wait, I'm overheating?! That's why those goggles work! How can I cool myself down…Think Uzi, Think!’ Uzi thought to herself before she looked at the corpse of one of the bandit drones which was still flashing ‘fatal error’

‘Well it's not a 5 star meal but hopefully this will do.’ Uzi thought before using her powers to launch herself straight for the corpse and slowly brought it up to her new fangs

‘Oh dear Robo-God, this is disgusting. Bon appetit I guess.’ Uzi thought before finally biting down on the corpse as her eyes widened at the sweet taste of the oil

“The backup generators are on!” One of the Bandit drones shouted before all of their eyes widened with fear at the sight in front of them. Corpses of other Bandit drones were strewn about with their heads either missing or badly damaged.

Looking towards one of the many piles of crates, they could see the worker drones with weird powers modifying her own throat and stomach before grabbing onto the head of another bandit drone which was missing their arms

“P-please! Spare me!” They said before much to everyone's horror, the drone bit down on their neck and flung the head straight off and drank all the oil from them.

Right after she had done that, she finally stood back up, this time letting everyone see the green ‘><’ on her visor with oil stains covering her entire Body. What caught them all off-guard was the drone suddenly giggling madly

“Let the party begin!” She said maniacally before using the Absolute Solver to weld claws onto her hands and charged straight for the unfortunate souls


Luz was walking down the hallway after she finished her presentation to the HAS, introducing them to the 2 main types of drones and their brief history. Sure, it wasn't the most child friendly history but what history is family friendly anyways?

She was about to reach the Beastkeeping section before she saw a crystal ball on the floor, making her put down the box of drone parts and crouch down to pick it up

“Huh, what's this doing here?” Luz asked after holding it up

“Well well well, what do we have here?” Luz heard someone ask before turning around to see Bump along with a witch who she assumed to be the inspector

“Ah, I’m sorry inspector. I'll have her be put in the detention track homeroom this instant.” Bump hastily said before dragging Luz to the Detention homeroom much to her dismay

“Wait! Principal Bump sir! I was just picking it up!” Luz exclaimed before Bump sighed

“Yes Luz, I know but the inspector doesn't and may send in coven scouts to check the school and if that happens, they would be screwed.” Bump said before entering the Detention homeroom, making Luz confused since there was quite literally no one in there

“Huh? I thought I was going to detention?” Luz asked before bump chuckled

“Oh? Who said you were going to detention? Luz, I hereby welcome you to the secret room of shortcuts.” Bump said with a smile after opening up a room, revealing the secret room of shortcuts to her

“Whoa…what is this place?” Luz asked

“The last place you'll ever see alive” Someone whispered in her ear”.making her optics go wide and spin around before activating the light glyph and aiming a light blade at the throat of a startled Viney

“Whoa! I'm just kidding!” Viney said while her hands were raised in the air in surrender.

“Ms.[Viney’s Last name], this is Luz and she has to stay here for the day. Can you guide her to the Beastkeeping homeroom? If she is interested in the other tracks, lead her to them. I'll have to take my leave for now.” Bump said before leaving and closing the door behind him


This was both disgusting and satisfying. That was what Uzi thought after she regained her senses and ventured deeper into the warehouse.

‘Hopefully this is the last of the changes.’ Uzi thought before seeing a room called spare parts storage

“Spare parts? The hell do they mean by that-Oh dear Robo-God…” Uzi muttered with wide eyes after seeing the interior which was filled to the brim with corpses of worker drones which looked like they were tortured to death with blowtorches, magnets and screwdrivers.

“P-please tell me they were atleast dead. Even V wouldn't be this cruel!” Uzi exclaimed before seeing a security camera nearby and hacked I to it which she regretted almost instantly as she kneeled down

“...Heh…Heh…HAHAAHA! AND I THOUGHT V WAS CRUEL!” Uzi said before her eyes turns back into the dreaded ‘><’ right as more Bandit drones entered the room

“Let's see how you like your own medicine!” Uzi said maniacally before lunging for the drones, tearing into them and leaving 4 of them for dead before heading for the remaining 6. That was before her leg was completely cut off with a saw blade

“RAAAH!” Uzi screamed before she lunged for a nearby unfortunate drone, stabbing into their neck using her sharpened fingers, sucking the oil from the drones and regenerating her leg almost immediately.

“Shoot her! Shoot her and don't get caught! As long as she doesn't get oil, she is not a threat!” One of them shouted before they all fired a volley of bullets at her, forcing the feral drone to hide behind a table.

She was about to lunge back before she slightly regained her senses and got a devious idea as she used her solver to bring the corpses of the Bandit Drones closer

“Flank both her sides! Don't let her escape, the boss might want her!” The same bandit drones ordered before all of them started to do as he ordered…That was until Uzi emerged from behind the tables with her Super RailCannon, killing 2 unfortunate drones before pulling out her new weapon, the Fatman. A simple launcher that launches a canister containing multiple drone cores which upon contact will split off into multiple more explosions.

“Bite me!” Uzi exclaimed before pulling the trigger and utterly decimating the room and the remaining drones and alerting the ones outside the room

“Mark! Are you okay?!” One of them screamed before Uzi stepped out of the rubble, holding the aforementioned drone’s head in her hands while slurping the oil from the neck

“Eh, not really.His oil tasted bad.” Uzi taunted before crushing the head using her solver and shooting the second and final round of her Fatman, killing everyone in the room Instantly except for one

“P-please! Spare me!” The drone said before Uzi crouched down to meet him menacingly

“Oh? Was that what all of them told you?! You f*cking hypocrite! Don't worry, I'll give you a quick death if you tell me where your boss is.” Uzi said while the drone trembled in fear.

Seeing that the drone wasn't willing to cooperate, she then broke one of his fingers off

“You know, I know 16 different ways to kill a drone with my bare hands. Want to see what I can do with my powers?” Uzi asked psychotically, making the drone panic

“T-Top of the tower! The Overboss is on the highest floor of the building!” The drone said before closing their eyes, ready for his death.

That was before Uzi dug into his back and removed his cooling fans and causing him to start overheating, the worst way a drone can die

“B-but you promise-” He said before getting cut by a chuckle from Uzi

“Did you seriously think you'd be forgiven that easily? Nah, die mad.” Uzi said before using her wings to fly straight for the Overboss of Sector F’s Bandit Drones


“-aaand this is the Beastkeeping homeroom. If you want to learn any other track, just hit me or barcus and jerbo up.” Viney said before leaving Luz to spy on the Beastkeeping homeroom.

“Thanks Viney!” Uzi shouted before she pulled out her notebook and started taking notes.

About 3 minutes in, Oscura suddenly contacted her out of nowhere

‘Luz! We have an issue-’ Oscura started before suddenly, the door blasted open, revealing a weird gigantic snake-like drone which promptly started to suck all the magic out of the students and teacher. What really made Luz panic however was the fact that the drone had the symbol of the Absolute Solver was present on the drone

‘Nevermind. There it is. That is a Greater Basilisk…or rather was. It was somehow corrupted by the Absolute Solver and I don't know how.’ Oscura told her before Luz remembered the box of drone parts that included disassembly drone parts

‘Oh…OH NO! Oscura, can you check cameras near the Oracle class?’ Luz asked as Oscura proceeded to do so

“Luz! We need some help over here!” Viney screamed before dragging the unconscious body of Bump along with her.


“Just how many drones are there in this warehouse?!” Uzi exclaimed while using her solver to redirect all the bullets that was currently being shot by another squadron of drones

“293!” One of them shouted

‘That many?! Ugh, hopefully these guys are the last. Those doors behind them do seem imposing.’ Uzi thought before trying and failing to rush them

‘Would really appreciate it if my powers could let me, I don't know, teleport or something!’ Uzi thought to herself before suddenly she was in front of the drones, startling both herself and the drones

“Uhh…Hi?” Uzi said before yelping as the drones continued to fire at her with nailguns, pipe rifles and electric guns.

Uzi countered this attack by ducking down and teleporting once more in between 2 drones and then deploying her wings, immediately skewering them and killing them

“It's no use. Run!” One of them screamed before Uzi teleported Infront of him with her Super RailCannon

“Eat this sucka!” Uzi exclaimed right as she fired the railgun to the rest of them, immediately killing all of the one Infront of her before throwing the cores to the remaining, killing them immediately

“Welp, time for the boss level.” Uzi said before the door opens to a gigantic room with only a single gigantic throne in the middle and a single heavily modified Bandit Drone on it

“Welcome to my lair,Worker. Care to die?” They said before pulling out a greatsword and running straight for Uzi, commencing the start of a legendary battle


“Viney, go take care of Bump. I'm gonna go and try to find-Gus?! Willow?! What happened to you guys?!” Luz exclaimed after seeing her friends laying on the floor nearly unconscious

“L-Luz, behind you.” Willow weakly said, making Luz's optics widen before parrying an attack by The Greater Basilisk and sending it back.

“Surprised. Serial Designation L, you are supposed to be on Copper-9.” It said with a flat monotone voice before changing one of its arms into a sword and heading straight for her.

“Oh hell no!” Luz exclaimed before switching her left arm into her staff and switching to the fire glyph, aiming to blast the greater basilisk to kingdom come

The Solver Basilisk, seeing this used the Absolute Solver to delete the entire blast using a ball of [Null]

“Oh come on-” Luz exclaimed before getting slammed into the wall housing the crystal balls and making all but one shatter

‘Luz. This Greater Basilisk seemed to have been assimilated by the Absolute Solver right after you left the scene. Remember, it may be big and imposing but it is extremely slow. Try assimilating the crystal ball nearby. I think we can utilize it's oracle functions’ Oscura told her before Luz grabbed a crystal ball, Gus and Willow and heading straight for the secret room of shortcuts

“Viney! Catch!” Luz said before throwing Gus and Willow to Viney

“Luz! What are you doing?!” Viney asked

“I'm fighting it. It's my fault that it managed to get possessed and I intend to fix my mistakes. If you do want to help, stay far away from it and don't let it take your magic!” Luz exclaimed before running back for the greater basilisk. That was before suddenly a barrage of bullets caught her off-guard and blasted her left arm to pieces

“Oh yes. This host is wonderful.” Absol spoke while in the stomach of the Greater Basilisk was a GAU-8 Avenger that was overheating

‘Oh no…’ Luz thought before changing her glyph to Fire after another volley was sent to her and changed all of them to water, instantly stopping the attack

“Interested. A new instance of the Solver it seems. Whatever, we will get our answers when we assimilate you.” It spoke once again before Morphing into a very tall and bulky male Disassembly Drone drone model with a basilisk tail

“After all, it has only begun.” It spoke with sad*stic glee before sprouting bat-like wings and charging straight for Luz who responded with the same move


“Is this what my underlings lost to?!” He spoke after cutting off Uzi's arm once more while she was trying her best to defend herself from the other 4 arms of the Overboss.

Seeing an opening, she used her wing to cut off an arm before flying up while the drone screamed in pain

“THAT ARM TOOK ME WEEKS TO FIND YOU ASSHOLE!” He spoke before crouching down and jumping very high up, aiming to punt Uzi back down onto the floor.

Uzi scrambled to find a way to counter this before an idea entered her mind. She immediately used her solver to bring some experimental thrusters closer and assimilated them into her arm

“Die!” He shouted before swinging his sword down, looking to either rip her in two or send her plummeting. Right as the sword was about to make contact however, Uzi used the new thrusters in her arm to parry the attack, instantly shattering the sword upon contact

“My beautiful sword! No!” He screamed out in grief while crouching down, letting Uzi spot an open wound in his back with a wire sticking out.

‘Wait, I think I can kill him using that.’ Uzi thought to herself before seeing the drone run straight at her with a double barreled shotgun

“Die you f*cker!” He said before shooting the shotgun at Uzi who responded by simply stopping them with her solver and redirecting them back to him, destroying another arm

The fight continued with Uzi playing more defensive while the Overboss played more aggressively.

“Raaah!” He exclaimed before trying to once again charge at her, creating an opening big enough to let her jump above him and pull out one of her electric guns she took from the bandits and firing it directly into his wound, making him scream as the pain of getting his systems overloaded with electricity

“I-Impossible! I am D-” He screamed before it was too much for his systems to handle as he exploded into pieces while burning so hot the fire turned blue

“Finally, that's over with…” Uzi sighed in relief before hearing N and J call out for

“Uzi! Where are you?!” N screamed

“In here!”


“If you stop resisting, we will make this one percent less painful for you.” Absol said while casually deleting more and more of Luz's Ferum bombs, occasionally shooting her with a few bullets here and there

“Nope! Not doing that!” Luz exclaimed while using her own solver to defend herself

‘Luz switch to your staff. I have implemented an upgrade that may assist us greatly.’ Oscura said before Luz pro needed to do so, discovering that the crystal part of her staff was now replaced by a crystal ball

“Interested. A new weapon? That will not work against us.” Absol said before shifting its legs into the female variant and running straight for her, aiming to kill her off and take her body as a host.

‘Luz! Switch over to light and shoot! Trust me!’ Oscura said frantically right as Luz did as she asked, creating an orb that has the properties of both a spirit and light.

The spirit side of the attack creates an intangible attack that can't hit anything simply because it doesn't exist but due to light creating a solid ball of light, it also technically does exist, creating something that erases anything, an attack similar to [Null] which Absol was not able to influence and managed to completely obliterate the left side of Absol

“Skreeeee!” Absol screamed before its visors turned back to normal

“You incompetent thing! Let me take control!” It screamed before control was switched back to Absol

“Later. We must have our revenge.” Absol said before much to their dismay, Luz was not present

“Annoyed. I suppose I will have to go hunting the-” Absol started before they were suddenly stabbed in the abdomen by Splendor.

“Justice!” Luz screamed before a sword appeared in front of the Basilisk Solver Drone and headed straight for their core. Seeing that a sword was quite literally heading for their heart, they quickly punched Luz in the face before dodging the sword and switching their arms out for scythes and aimed it straight for Luz's neck, wanting to end this before it's host is damaged beyond repair

‘Coat your fists with a spirit and punch the scythe!’ Oscura told Luz who immediately did so, resulting in the fleshy Scythe shattering beyond repair and Absol screaming in pain once more

‘I see an opening. Grab splendor and aim for the core!’ Oscura commanded, making Luz grab the aforementioned sword and stab it through Absol, making it shriek before it exploded and collapsed into a miniature black hole as all the magic it had sucked was returned to its original hosts


“...At this point, I don't even know what to say.” J said while rubbing her forehead at Uzi munching on a Bandit Drone’s arm

“What? Oil tastes good. Plus, because of my new powers, apparently I can overheat now. Not complaining though.” Uzi said after she finished eating the arm. J was about to say something before getting patted in the back by R

“Hey, look at the upsides. Atleast you can actually tell your company that she's a disassembly drone now and she won't have to die.” R said with a fanged smile, making lines appear below J’s eyes

“Whatever. Just make sure to not hold us back purple.” J said with a grumble before preparing to go to sleep. That was before C entered the pod all of a sudden

“Um…Uzi? Someone named…Thad wants to meet you.” C said

“Thad? What does he want?” Uzi thought out loud before following C only to see Thad chatting with N as if he wasn't sent in to kill his kind

“-Oh, hey there Zi!” Thad greeted

“Hey Thad. What are you out here for? Thought Khan would've locked the doors tighter after I left.” Uzi said bitterly

“Oh no. Lizzy and I actually want to invite you to Prom. She told me to tell you to bring anyone you'd like to.” Thad said, surprising Uzi quite a bit

“Lizzy? Never thought she'd invite us. Eh, I'll bring the rest of our squad in.” Uzi said before Thad heard a chuckle behind him. Turning around, he was immediately met with V looking at him

“Oh? A worker drone? Out here? Must be my lucky day…” V said menacingly, making Thad fall on his rear and covering his face in fear. That was before V just booped him in between his eyes with her claws

“No need to worry about me killing you. Uzi here managed to snag a deal with us so your colony is safe…for now.” V laughed menacingly while J just watched over them

“What's Prom?” R asked suddenly, startling J

“Wha-Company, R! You almost scared me to death!” J exclaimed before R rolled his eyes

“Yeah yeah. Now, can you tell me what Prom is? It kinda sounds like Grom from Hexside.” R asked

“Essentially it's just some high school teenagers attending a party and if they have one, bring in their date and dance.” J said

“Huh, kinda like Grom…except for the whole fighting a fear monster thing.” R remarked

“...I'm not even going to question it at this point.” J said before picking up a duffel bag from within the pod

“R, take C with us. We're going clothing shopping.”


“Again Principal. I'm very sorry for this. We were not aware that another basilisk was on the loose.” Golden Guard said while carrying the box of what remained of the drone parts after the Greater Basilisk consumed them

“It's no problem Golden Guard. Ah, has the emperor given his opinion on the Emperor’s Coven track yet?” Bump asked before Golden Guard pulled out a decree and gave it to Bump

“The Emperor has accepted under the condition that they must be branded with the emperor's coven sigil at the very maximum 4 months before graduation. I hope to see you soon Principal Bump.” Golden Guard said before heading outside to get on his staff and fly back to the castle, not noticing that one of them had the symbol of the absolute solver on it.


“Sooo…What did he say?” Viney said before Bump proudly showed them all the decree

“Multi tracking is now available. And if you do wish to not be branded, you can drop out 4 months before Graduation. Now, what tracks would you all like to be in?” Bump asked with a smile.

5 minutes later :
Bump had just finished changing Viney, Jerbo and Barcus to their tracks before Luz tugged on his robe

“Uhm…Principal Bump can I-” Luz started before she was cut off by Bump

“What tracks would you like to add?” Bump asked

“Bard and Oracle please!”


“Grand Huntsman. There seems to be a problem.” Absol said to a terminal which currently was displaying the video call with a male in a star like robe

“What type of problem?” Huntsman asked

“Serial Designations L and J have broken free of our influence…” Absol said nervously

“Is that all? This is barely an annoyance. Just send a few drones to deal with the-” Huntsman started before Absol cut him off

“Along with the discovery of the Demon Realm and witches, a new Admin has appeared on Copper-9.” Absol said, making Grand Huntsman go quiet for a bit

“...What.” Huntsman finally spoke

“We discovered a ne-”

“I know what you said idiot! I want you to deal with this issue yourself before it devolves further got it?!” Huntsman demanded

“Your wish is my command sir.” Absol said before Huntsman cut off the call.

“Sigh. I suppose I'll have to deal with this myself. J is not dead yet the machine has already created a clone of her. Whatever. It may not be fun commanding a drone without a neural network but this will do.” Absol said before putting on a spacesuit and grabbing CloneJ’s body.

She was about to leave using a spaceship before remembering that she forgot something

“Oh. I suppose I should take you with me as a form of appreciation.” Absol said before taking a USB labeled ‘Tessa’

“After all, you helped us get this far.”

Serial Designation L - Chapter 8 - DiplexDoor, Dragcronous_Prime (2024)
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