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Lokk offered his father a hand. “We gotta get outta old man. Also, I got a job that still needs doing.”

Gokk spat a wad of blood and saliva onto the ground. “Then what're you doin' here? Get to it and leave me. I'll catch up.”

Lokk gritted his teeth. “I could leave you the Elf.”

Gokk laughed. “You gonna leave me another problem, boy? An elf is just a problem waitin' to happen.”

Look kept offering the hand insistently. “Not gonna leave you to catch up so stop wasting time!”

Gokk's eyes shot open. He took Lokk's hand and pulled him to the ground. “Get down!” A Kaldorei arrow sailed over Lokk's head, grazing his hair. A Kaldorei stood a few yards away, readying another arrow. The Elf loosed it over and it flew even higher over their heads. The Sentinel archer got pulled down into a headlock by a large figure. Gokk let go of Lokk and grunted.
“Oh, there she is.”

“Wait... There's no way that's-” He stared as the Dreanei rose over the unconscious Elf. She dusted herself off. The woman was in leather robes and though she did not look like a martial type, her body was naturally over seven feet tall with a weight that matched an Orcs, so it all had to come from somewhere. The Draenei Race were naturally hardy, to the extent that they could not be beat if they got a hold of a weedy Kaldore that relied on agility and guile. She approached the two and helped Gokk up. He grunted as he was pulled to his feet.

“Thought you'd left me.”

The Draenei lady blushed and placed a hand subtly over her belly. “What would I do if this child suddenly was without a father.” She offered as an excuse for why she intervened.

“Heh.” Gokk looked to his son with a co*cky grin.

“Big deal!” Lokk scoffed. He turned.
“Seems you're fine to leave on your own, then!”

“That's what I was tellin' ya, boy. I'll meet ya there.” He leaned on Macii and took the opportunity to paw her rear and her breast through her robes. Her tail whipped back and forth as she rested a hand on his shoulder and cast a heal.


Lokk made his way up the road. The Kaldorei had withdrawn after their successful attack so it was simply stragglers and assassins that remained. He took the Blood Elf with him to Splintertree Post to hand the message he was carrying to Commander Mastok. He was a grizzled Orc that wore light armor and wielded two nasty-looking iron maces. He opened the note curiously and read it in front of Lokk and Braelyn. He grunted.
“Using elves to fight elves. Sounds familiar.” He eyed Braelyn briefly before returning his gaze to Lokk. I haven't seen it. What's this really mean? How does it work in practice? At ease, by the way, Scout.”

Lokk relaxed his posture and rolled his soldier in front of the man. “Saw it for myself. The Night Elves fighting against each other. One saved my life by killing one of her kin with an arrow. They're decently useful.”

“Useful means dangerous.” He added, thinking out loud while rubbing his stubble.

“Dangerous, probably.” Lokk shrugged.
“But, the training we put 'em through and the brainwashing is intense. The ones back where I was stationed got shamed to the point of going crazy. Then they got lured into working with us for their own safety. They used the shame from that to mess with their heads more. The ones on our side don't believe there's a way they can return to their kin. We show them off in skimpy armor and make them fight. Far as I can see, after their first fight where they're forced to loose an arrow at their own they snap. It's a betrayal in their head. Long as they can't forgive themselves they submit from fear and shame and just spiral down, down.” Lokk planted his thumb down as he explained.

Mastok exhaled slowly from his nose. “This isn't an Orcish plan.” He remarked after a long pause.

“Reminds me of when we were fighting for warlocks.”

“It's different. They're inferior. Seen it a dozen times now. They'll all give in to the same pressure and join us eventually. Probably the most human thing, if we're warring anyway.”

Mastok grins. “We are at war. Glad you said that. If you were about to question the Warchief's command to take this province I was going to take your head myself.”

“Wouldn't dream of it.” Lokk grumbled.
“I wanna win as much as you. Let's just say, I like having the best shooters on our side instead of theirs.”

“That's that... The Warchief will get the final word so I'll appraise him through a different messenger.”

“Sir?” Lokk expected to be sent on that errand.

“I need you to deliver another message for me. Back the way you came towards Tarkan. Feathermoon is still a problem over here. They rallied around a retreat to the north. We got big problems. If we don't handle them somehow, they're gonna be able to connect armies through from Felwood and Hyjal without having to worry about the narrow pass. We can't have that. The Retreat is a fortress on high ground and is guarded by elite Sentinels and Druids, so we need our own elites to break crack them. Relay that to Tarkan. Clock's ticking.”

“I will.” Lokk gave an Orcish Salute and turned on his heel.

“Not even going to rest?” Braelyn complained.

“Feel free to leave me alone.”

“You aren't even going to THANK me for saving your father?”

“Relax. I'll f*ck you when we stop next so stop acting horny.”

“I'm sorry!? I don't want your green co*ck anywhere near me! I want Tarkan-”

Lokk cackled. “So it's like that.”

Her face turned bright red. “I want to TALK to Tarkan! That man slighted me.”

“Of course...” Lokk rolled his eyes.
“This mean you aren't leaving me alone here?”

“Never.” Braelyn crossed her arms and turned up her nose at him.

As Lokk moved towards the front gate he met Gokk, his father, and his father's Draenei. “Old Man.”

“Son.” Gokk looked at him, then the elf.
“Leaving again?”

“No time. Important mission.”

“You'll need another axe. The Elves are all over these woods. They're like bugs in a silo.”

“I don't need an old man and a pregnant Draenei.” Despite Lokk saying that, Gokk continued to follow him out of Splintertree and onto the road.

Gokk smiled as he reminisced. “What happened... I remember you used to need me to wipe the snot from your goin' to run this mission all on your own?” Macii and Braelyn both giggled at the remark.

“He's still a snotty brat.” Braelyn commented.

Both Orcs looked back and said at the same time “Quiet c*nt!” The father and son grinned at one another.

“Fin.” Lokk relented.

“But you're following me, Old Man. I don't want any moaning about your hip or your back.”

“Oh it's fine. Got my own little lightslu*t to myself.” He gave the Draenei's plump rear a smack. The girl smiled bashfully.
“Never been healthier. It's no wonder these gal's live forever. I feel 20 years younger just by f*ckin' her.”

Lokk scoffed. “She looks like a hand full in bed. Like she's big enough to decide who's on top or bottom? How can you even manage with that height difference? And those hooves... You might as well marry livestock.”

Gokk snorted. “Oh. Your twinky little Grape Elves are so much better? Least a Draenei is already conditioned to know her place. Elves are still so aggressive. Like animals. Feel like an Elf gal would try to bite it off if I fed it to her.”

“What about her?” Lokk pointed.
“Fangs... Just like an elf.”

“Oh these?” He stuck his finger into the flustered mouth of Macii. She passively took it, walking beside him at the same pace while slumped over.
“Dull, see?” He rubbed her canines.
“Complete herbivores. Trains easier than an Elf, I bet. This one got real submissive once I knocked her up. It's like she got an instinct to be a slave.”

“If we're taling about slave instincts, Kaldorei can't be beat... By which I mean they can be, all day and they'll still be fine. Those girls are hardy AND weak in the head. It's a good combination. I saw them snap from just seeing their fallen comrades. A Draenei? Draenei got surprisingly good wills.”

“Thanks...” Macii grumbled.

Gokk shook his head. “Nah. She's completely brainless. There's no way for her to resist. She just convinces herself she's with me 'cause I put a kid in her but she's actually just hopeless. All her kind are. Tight little bodies for such big girls, too...” He eyes her, unable to help but tug on her tail. The Draenei yelped.

Lokk licked his lips. “Yeah, gotta give it to you. The curves on top of those tight waists... There's something to that.”

Gokk grinned. “Now your seein' it, Boy. Culture. Though... Since you're bein' generous to my slu*t, your Elf girls are awful useful in a pinch and those pretty, thin muscular bodies look good with less on. It fun to watch those muscles fade as they settle in to servitude.”

Lokk smirked. “We can both agree that the Blood Elves are the worst though, right?”

Braelyn shook, furrowing her brow as she trailed behind. Her hands balled into fists.

“Oh!” Gokk spat.
“Little bodies with no tit* or ass and no muscle?”

“Check.” Lokk laughed.
“Devious addicts that only cause problems?”

“Check.” Gokk continued.
“A race of Bimbo troll fleshlights. Dunno why we allowed 'em in to begin with.”

“That is enough!” Braelyn uttered.

“You hear somethin', Boy?” Gokk asked, cleaning his ears.

“Old Man, don't worry about that one. She's so obsessed with Orcs she doesn't even know... She's chasing Tarkan. I bet she thinks she's gonna give him a stern talking to!”

Gokk almost choked. “Poor thing!” He laughed, slapping his knee.

Even the Draenei joined in. “Blood Elves are so bad that they even fail at being bad! Imagine that?” Both Orcs erupted in laughter at Macii's comment.

“That's my girl!”

“Is it a brother or sister?” Lokk asked.

“A... Brother.” Macii offered.

“Half Orc is still Orc, far as I'm concerned...” He offered as a small comfort. She seemed to take it to heart with a gentle smile crossing her lips. He looked to his Father, Gokk, who offered a wink and an approving nod.

“I am glad that I could contribute to this moving family moment.” Braelyn complained from the back.

“What's the plan, son?” Gokk asked seriously.

“The road is gonna get dangerous at the fork so we gotta divert down. That's fine cause in a twist of fate we control a lot of the woods, but not the forests and the roads to the north... So, we move into the forest for a while, come out and get to Tarkan to deliver the info to save the operation.”

“No pressure.”

“It's a living.” Lokk shrugged.


Shandris stepped dismounted her hippogryff at the Retreat. “Ironic that a Retreat will become our main point of attack.”

“Miss?” Her second asked.

Shandris blushed beneath her mask. “A stupid joke. Ignore it.”

“Yes.” The second stumbled.
“Anyway... We have taken control of the roads. Their forces can be considered to have been split in half at this point. We are impeding their efforts to replenish through Stonetalon despite the new passageway and from this position we have the ability to quickly attack any Horde outpost.”

“The issue being, we are forced into this position. They are split down the middle because they control the whole. The only saving grace is that the west is not being supplied.”

“About that...”

“Report.” Shandris ordered calmly.

“Astranaar has fallen, meaning they have control of the roads. Couple that with the fact that the town was build for a siege and-”

“They are now weathered against attrition...” Shandris removed her mask and rubbed her eyes wearily before placing it back on.
“Then there's the additional factor of the traitors.”

“We can not account for them at all...” The second admitted.

“That is what they think, at least.” Shandris wandered to the edge of the cliff that the Retreat sat on and looked down.
“What they are expecting is for us to wait for reinforcements from Hyjal and Felwood. They think that they have time because we are in a weak position and they are in a strong position. That in itself is a weakness. We will give them less time.”


“Command the forces from the Retreat to march West. Encircle the Horde in the West with our forces from Darkshore. Join up around Astranaar and free the town. We can then hunt down stragglers and use the momentum to seal up Stonetalon. We'll return the status quo. They take the east, we take the west. If it works they will have to accept a ceasefire.”

“What about the Retreat?”

“Myself and my Elite will remain and secure our backs against any unexpected attacks. Best case scenario they will assume this place is still occupied. Volleys from a handful of my people can make it seem like they are facing hundreds, not dozens.” Shandris stated proudly.


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Orcs vs Elves - Ashenvale - Chapter 9 - TVWintergreen (2024)
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