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NHL Predictions Today

We provide insight into each game of all 32 teams’ seasons. This includes sides, puck lines, and totals based on trends, injuries, schedule, value, and more. There’s a lot of hockey being played on each and every night which is why our free expert NHL picks are so valuable.

NHL Predictions Against the Spread

Similar to MLB Picks against the spread, the NHL Picks against the spread remain at a set puck line of +/- 1.5 depending on if you’re looking at the favorite or the underdog, and instead of the line moving, the odds do. It is a popular way to bet on NHL games as they can offer more value to a strong favorite you like or give you that edge is what we or you foresee as being a close-fought game. Our NHL Predictions against the spread will always come with full match analysis and reasoning, as well as a star to indicate our experts’ confidence in the prediction. Check out our NHL Predictions against the spread right here on our NHL Predictions page all season long.

Free NHL Over / Under Predictions

Our Free NHL Over/Under Predictions, sometimes referred to as NHLTotals Predictions are an exciting way to wager on a game where you don’t like either side or want to remain neutral. The NHL over/under predictions are on the total match goals by both teams combined. Depending on the matchup the line will be set in the region of over/under 5.5 or 6.5 goals, but they can be higher. All of our NHL over/under predictions come fully researched and with a full breakdown of why our experts like a particular side of the line. Within this analysis, we’ll include the key stats, team news, player news, and historical matchup information. Check out all of today’s NHL over/under Predictions right here on our NHL Predictions page.

NHL Playoff Predictions 2023/24

In addition to free NHL regular season picks, we also provide a detailed breakdown of individual matchups in the postseason. NHL postseason betting is thrilling because each game of a series is crucial and players leave it all on the ice – many times needing OT (or many OTs) to finally decide a winner.

NHL Stanley Cup Predictions

Here at Pickswise, we don’t just excel in our day-to-day NHL predictions, but also on those longer-term investments, including our NHL Stanley Cup Predictions. You can bet on the Stanley Cup winner market almost as soon as the previous season has concluded and before the confetti has even hit the ice. We’ll bring in our expert NHL handicappers at various stages throughout the year to sprinkle some of their wisdom into NHL Stanley Cup Predictions from before the season starts, during the regular season, and into the NHL Playoffs themselves. Betting on Stanley Cup Predictions at these various times offer different positives such as better odds earlier in the year, but more data and information towards the end of the regular season, and balancing the two to find the best value NHL Stanley Cup Predictions is what we do!

How To Predict NHL Games

There are many ways in which you can predict the outcome of an NHL game, and there is no right or wrong method, per se, but putting in the required effort into your research is something you can’t compromise on. In a typical season, each team will play 82 games which amount to 1,271 total regular-season games, and with a whole host of data, news, and information to break down for every single one, it’s a lot of work to ensure you’re confident in your research and due diligence. This is where Pickswise excels. We have an industry-leading team of NHL handicappers who put in the hours so you don’t have to. With years of experience wagering on games, we find the best value NHL predictions and each one comes with full analysis and reasoning for that particular play. Each of our NHL predictions will be published with plenty of time to spare so you can digest the information, and take a look at the matchup yourself, all in time to lock in the best possible odds out there.

Ice Hockey Betting Predictions

Here you can find all of our ice hockey betting predictions every day of the NHL season. Our hockey predictions include a prediction on the Money Line, Spread, and Totals. Each of these hockey predictions will come with expert analysis, ket stats, and a confidence rating from our NHL handicappers. Be sure to check back every day of the NHL season for the best free hockey predictions.

Hockey Playoffs Predictions

Playoff hockey is when the sport really captures the imagination of fans and bettors alike, the stakes are much higher with win or go home hockey. Every team starts the season with the goal of making the playoffs, and likewise, we try to predict the team that will, or won’t with our hockey playoffs predictions. You can bet on a team to make the playoffs from before the season, as well as throughout the regular season, and of course, you can bet on individual playoffs matchups when they arrive too.

Looking For Different NHL Predictions Tonight?

If you’re tired of betting on the same NHL markets day in, day out then don’t worry. We have you covered.

NHL Parlays are a very popular option on both Money line and puck line plays. The ‘grand salami’ is available to wager, where you bet on all teams at once – and whether they all combine to score ‘over’ or ‘under’ a certain amount of goals.

NHL Prop Bets are a fun bet to make on NHL games. You can bet on a player to score a goal, a player to score a point, have an assist, first and last goalscorer. For goalie props, you can bet on over/under saves.

NHL Live betting is also becoming very popular with the rise of online sportsbooks. You can wager on each period line, as well as on dynamically changing odds whilst watching the action happen live.

Free NHL Predictions - Expert Hockey Predictions Today | Pickswise (2024)
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